Whether old or young, rich or poor, sick or healthy

Security and freedom are two of the most valuable assets

Libify provides the right solution for everyone

Senior Care

Mobile emergency call and positioning system for a growing aging population

The primary target market for Libify products is senior care.

With the action radius not limited to the living area anymore - as with traditional stationary emergency call systems - a much larger target group is addressed, including younger and more active potential users with a modern safety-mindedness.

Also, emergency call centers and nursing homes are important customers as well.

OEM/ Industry

Solutions for OEM and industrial applications such as eCall, smart city, and M2M solutions

Libify provides high quality basic technology which can easily be extended.

In addition, we offer white label solutions for industrial applications such as eCall, Smart City Light, and M2M solutions.

Lone Workers

Reliable safety for workers and professionals

There are many jobs where safety is a key issue. Just think of employees at 24-hour gas stations, rangers, emergency doctors, or shift workers.

Monitoring and alarm systems are now common standard in many businesses and organizations. What is missing is a simple and discreet system which can connect a worker with predefined contacts in case of an emergency simply by pressing a button.

With GEOCARE® lone workers can easily use their personal alarm button in risky or dangerous situations.

Horseback Riders

Safety, GPS-tracking, and vital signs measurement for professional & recreational riders

Horseback riding is ranked among the most risky popular sporting activities.

Even experienced riders know that a horse can be highly unpredictable when its flight instincts are triggered. How can a rider be found after a riding accident if in shock, unable to respond or provide concrete details about the location?

GEOHORSE® completes the safety equipment of each rider, whether in training, triding outdoors or in dealing with difficult horses. With GEOHORSE®, riders experience a new sense of freedom and safety.