The quality of a solution is determined by the interaction of many factors

No single product could possibly offer the same performance and overall satisfaction as a holistic solution. This is one of the key foundations behind Libify's focus on overall solutions over isolated products.

One of the decisive qualities of Libify’s solutions is their customization for every demand.

We achieve this by combining multiple unique factors, such as customizable functions, individualized software, and a fully customer oriented support structure.

Libify - Technology Basis

The Libify platform – the foundation for unique solutions

Due to its technological capability, the modern and highly space-saving Libify platform enables the use of a wide range of detection and transmission technologies, such as GSM, GPRS, 4GHZ, GPS and A GPS.

During the conceptual design of the self-developed firmware part of the pre-programmed intelligence was already incorporated into the platform. This allows for a significantly faster data evaluation and reduces time-consuming coordinations.

Another great advantage is the user friendliness as the software, portals, and the smartphone application do not require advanced technology skills.

As an open system the Libify platform offers the highest level of flexibility and permits the integration of company-specific demands at any time.

This way, the functionality can be continuously extended and various modules can be integrated seamlessly, such as smell sensor systems, smoke detectors, indoor tracking, water alarm, body temperature etc.

Libify Features

Functionalities as manifold as the need for security and liberty

Libify products display a very diverse range of unique functionalities.

Our products are developed by experts in the fields of technology, GPS, and tracking. We also actively involve end users in the design process and equip our products based on their experiences and needs.

Hence, Libify products meet all relevant requirements for everyday life and fulfil highest standards.

Main Functions

Classic emergency call

  • Emergency call with only one push of a button: One-Click-Technology
  • Triggering an emergency call to self-determinable phone numbers and emergency call centers
  • Definition of an emergency call chain with self-determinable order
  • Automatic dispatch of position parameters by the emergency call
  • Automatic two-way voice communication via loudspeaker and microphone


Automatic emergency call

  • Automatic emergency call without activating the SOS button
  • Individual configuration of time parameters and local parameters possible
  • Automatic emergency call when entering or leaving predefined areas


Hands-free equipment

  • Immediate and direct communication
  • Technology of the newest generation for crystal clear sound quality
  • Numerous intuitive settings for different surroundings


Indoor and outdoor positioning and tracking

  • Use of A GPS, the so-called real GPS for quicker positioning
  • Access to all mobile radio networks for especially high coverage
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor detection
  • Trouble-free area supervision and building supervision possible

Extended Functions

Remote trigger (radio button)

  • Very easy handling and comfortable wrist wear
  • Emergency call with a single push of a button
  • Signal radius between radio button and device about 30 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors
  • Special technology prevents false alarms
  • Waterproof and robust
  • Sound signal strength
  • Corresponds to default DIN-requirements


Connection with other devices

  • Trouble-free connection with other devices due to 4GHz radio technology
  • Measuring and control of body data, such as heart rate, pulse etc.
  • Connection with diverse warning systems, such as smoke detectors etc.


Combination with different media

  • Self-configuration via PC software as well as remote configuration
  • Position announcement through web portal, PC software or application for smartphone and mobile phone
  • Configuration also possible via a specifically developed user interface for fast and easy handling

Sample Applications

A mobile emergency call system as ideal addition to your service offering!

With its mobile emergency call system, Libify provides an immense relief and qualitative improvement in private and work life. Employees, customers, patients or inhabitants – Libify's products offer a new sense of liberty and build important trust. Acquisition, configuration, and application are very easy and economical.



  • Protect your employees and yourself in dangerous occupations
  • Offer your customers additional security
  • Provide more freedom for customers by offering an in- and outdoor emergency call solution
  • Quick and exact localization of your customers if necessary
  • Trouble-free supervision of people, buildings, and rooms
  • Configure time parameters and local parameters for even more control
  • Documentation of covered distance and road points – to your own security and for reporting to your principal


Care service

  • Give your customers and residents more independence and mobility with a mobile emergency call system
  • Provide work relief and additional security with a 24-hour emergency call service
  • Easy renting of mobile emergency call devices
  • Uncomplicated connection to emergency call center
  • Potential extension and optimization of your service by integrating the hybrid emergency call
  • Longer and safer living in their own home for the elderly


Emergency call center

  • Extend your service with a personal emergency call system through which your customers are directly connected to you
  • Build confidence among your customers with a practical, technically advanced 24-hour emergency call system providing freedom, independence, and security
  • Mobile and stationary emergency call system all in one device



  • Establish new security structures at your school
  • Enable your employees to immediately talk to the secretariat and control center or, if necessary, to send out an emergency call directly
  • The mobile emergency call system is absolutely flexible and can be adapted specifically to your school's circumstances
  • The mobile emergency device can be worn comfortably on the body


Lone Workers

  • Increase your employees's security through immediate accessibility
  • Localize your employees via work station or mobile phone if necessary
  • Easy navigation to the employee in need of help
  • Easy voice communication with multiple colleagues
  • Configuration of local parameters and time parameters


Medical centers

  • Establish a particularly trustful relationship to your patients
  • Optimize your on-call duty by adding the Workers’ Samaritan’s bundle so that an attending doctor is only requested in real emergencies
  • Directly connecting an emergency call center is not only easy but also economical


Tailored solutions for each requirement.

Freedom, independence, and equality are Libify's guiding principles not only for the various product functions, tehy also apply to our business and cooperation partners.

Libify is not merely a product manufacturer but rather a full-fledged solution supplier. We are able to adapt our products, functions, and technologies to different requirements or even to develop new solutions.

Libify's technology can be adjusted exactly to your specific needs and requirements - from using your own logo to individual configurations or even to developing special functions and solutions.


Libify Support

When it comes to safety solutions, we don't leave anything to chance.

As we are aware of the immense importance of security, we proudly offer an extraordinarily comprehensive support. From consulting to implementation and training up to maintenance – we seamlessly support our customers in every aspect. This is not just a promise but also our credo.



  • Joint analysis of the actual problems and challenges
  • Selection of necessary equipment
  • Cooperative development of new functions and system solutions if necessary
  • Your individual contact person at Libify for trustful and optimal communication


Preparation and starting up

  • Detailed analysis of technical requirements and implementation in software
  • Trial run with devices that are tested by staff/pilot users
  • Training of relevant staff or users
  • On-site configuration of devices by Libify experts
  • Support in technical sales activities


Quality assurance

  • Monthly feedback interview with your personal Libify advisor
  • If required: bi-annual trainings for new employees and users (first training, refreshment training, new functionalities)
  • Stock of exchange devices at the customer's for immediate exchange when necessary
  • Off-site configuration by our experts during device exchanges



  • 2 year warranty for functional ability of device and remote trigger with exception of battery
  • Battery (in device as well as in remote trigger) with a warranty of 1 year (based on guarantee of battery producer)