Research & Development

Innovation as a result of continuous development

Libify Technologies is a highly innovative solution provider fully focused on research and development. Creating unique solutions requires constant thinking outside the box, a holistic approach towards all influencing factors, and finally, never settling for anything but the very best.


For Libify, innovation means creating, adding, and integrating new components or systems, such as connecting the GEOCARE emergency device with a body data sensor.
Also, innovation stands for updating and extending existing components, as seen in the continuous improvement of GEOCARE and the active charging cradle in order to serve customer requirements even better.


Software, web, mobile apps, hardware – Libify has experts in every field to reach the very best possible research and development results. This enables us to change and expand existing software and hardware any time without much delay through external providers.


Libify’s unique infrastructure is one of our core competencies. From the mobile emergency device to the emergency call software including an SMS gateway, Libify offers the complete range of emergency systems and provides a perfect solution for emergency call centers.

Current developments

Body data measuring
We are currently working on connecting our mobile emergency call and tracking device GEOCARE with a body data sensor. This function allows for the measuring of core body temperature, oxygen saturation, and pulse rate and automatically triggers an alarm if the values are outside of their individually preconfigured ranges. Additionally, body data history and trends can be examined, analyzed, and compared, helping to detect possible diseases.


Another fascinating project to increase Libify’s user friendliness is the development of a web portal for configuring and controlling the mobile emergency call and tracking device GEOCARE. The portal allows the user or an administrator (this could be an emergency call center) to manage, configure, and control one or more GEOCARE devices, as well as check all devices’ statuses. These are just the basic functions while the final portal will include even more features and capabilities in order to significantly simplify the GEOCARE handling and accelerate the emergency call processes.

Libify research and support

The development of a non-stigmatizing mobile and stationary emergency call system

Initial situation

Together with the Workers’ Samaritan Federation Dortmund, Libify Technologies recognized the significant need for more independence and, at the same time, a higher level of security.

Especially elderly people who are still active going shopping or for a walk need additional safety without being restricted in their movements. On the contrary, they even gain more autonomy wherever they go. This is simply impossible with a stationary solution alone.

Moreover there was also the necessity for an appropriate advanced technology with a non-stigmatizing mobile emergency call system. Libify products are the ideal solution.


The Workers’ Samaritan Federation Dortmund possesses extensive professional practical experience while Libify Technologies has profound technical abilities. Together they create a perfect synergy to develop GEOCARE® - the mobile emergency and locating system.


The innovative capacity and prospective of such a cutting-edge sophisticated emergency call system has also received official federal recognition. After successfully proving the new industry benchmark with GEOCARE®, Libify received a ZIM innovation promotion by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology.

Development of an efficient tracking and grazing management system for cattle ranching

A positioning system based on GPS and GSM technology was developed during the project “GEOCOW”. In addition, a software application was developed and tested for cattle ranching on mountain pastures and grazing lands.
With the use of GPS technology and the according software, Libify succeeded in monitoring, tracking, and locating cattle over the period of one grazing season. The robust system benefits from a particularly long battery life - one of the core competencies of Libify Technologies.