User demand as the foundation for innovative product solutions

Libify Technologies GmbH lives up to its purpose of creating more freedom, independence, and equal rights.

Based on knowledge of professional institutions and users’ demands Libify develops innovative technologies and product solutions.
This approach allows us to create highly innovative devices that are easy-to-use and precisely adapted to specific requirements.

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the hybrid emergency call and tracking system for security inside and outdoors

GEOCARE® is a mobile emergency and locating system for people of all ages. As a hybrid solution - stationary emergency call system and mobile system on the go - the 2-in-1 solution speaks to a much broader audience, including younger, more active users with a modern safety-mindedness. Unlike with conventional stationary emergency call systems, the mobility of GEOCARE® users is no longer limited to the living area. Instead, GEOCARE® represents an everyday companion providing security anywhere and anytime: at home as a high-quality stationary emergency call system, outdoors as mobile emergency device.

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the tracking collar for your dog

Not only is a dog man’s best friend, but also an animal driven by instincts. It requires a high level of exercise and strikes out on its own occasionally.

With GEODOG®, Libify developed a GPS-tracking collar to not only determine the exact position of your dog anytime, but also establish No-Go-zones and virtual fences to protect your dog and others.

With GEODOG® you always have complete peace of mind knowing exactly where your dog is.
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– safely enjoy the greatest happiness on earth! The SOS and GPS system for riders!

With the mobile GEOHORSE® SOS and GPS system for horseback riders, Libify Technologies GmbH launched a product which enables a maximum of security to all equestrian sports enthusiasts.

Safety precautions during riding and in equestrian sports in general can prove lifesaving!
As both systems - SOS and GPS - have been developed specifically for equestrian sports, the functions are optimally adapted to the needs of horse and rider.

GEOHORSE®riding is an emergency and tracking system a rider can use to call for help with a simple push of a button in any emergency situation (outdoors on a ride, in indoor training, or when dealing with a difficult horse).

GEOHORSE®fence is the stable and pasture system for horses to measure a horse's activity. (Please note: devices highly on demand!)
Both systems are characterized by an integrated high quality Full-GPS, which allows for highly accurate and reliable tracking, even in difficult terrain.
Find more detailed information on our GEOHORSE® product site!

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